I have discovered the best lasting nail polish – ever.  And it was only a buck.  I went to Dollar Tree stores and happened to see several shades of nail polish that I liked.

I decided at a $1 a bottle for nail polish, I really ahd nothing to lose.  The stuff wears like iron.  I’ve bought nail enamels for $5, $10, $20 and more and none wear like this one.

I also love the fact that one coat gets you the color in the bottle.  You may have read my previous post about Sally Hansen’s purple nail polish and how I neede dto apply multiple coats to match the shade in the bottle.  I needed 8 coats of Sally Hansen’s and it still wasn’t exactly as dark.

With Dollar Tree’s Beauty Concepts nail polish – one coat does the trick.  I’ve found that their LA Colors also is just as good.  A review on that brand is coming next.

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